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Housing Search Database Registry:

The intention of this page is to help some of my low income clients and seniors to be able to find affordable housing in Vancouver. 

At the bottom of this page, I have posted a video that shows you how to use this for your housing search. It explains how to search and use the postal code map to save time on travel and be more efficient.

If you require tax returns completed please fill out Contact Form. Thank you.

This database was designed by Richard Jessup to help individuals looking for housing in Vancouver's Subsidized Housing Market. 

It is gathered from all section 2 housing that appears in BC Housing and From 100's of hours of research for non-profits and co-op housing online. I have tried to maintain accuracy by rechecking through online directories. 

It also has other resources section and there will be a YouTube training video to help you learn how best to use it while your are looking for affordable rent.


I have also developed a system using Postal codes to help you with your search and stay focused.

If you need additional help please email me through the Contact Us Page. Thank you.

To view in full screen mode click above arrow. Thank You.

homes now.jpg

To view in full screen mode on YouTube - Click here when the video starts on the YouTube at the bottom right- thank you.

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