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Bookkeeping Services

How I Use Technology To Provide Affordable Bookkeeping...

Hiring a certified bookkeeper does not have to be expensive. However when starting a business or as your business ramps up, having good financial information to measure the performance of your business is essential.

I have been through many CRA Audits helping clients out of a "jam" and have found that the number one cause of audits going against a client's best interest is poor financial controls. 

Our team specializes in Quickbooks Consulting, but also provides traditional accounting services such as: Bookkeeping, Payroll Processing, Tax Return Preparation and General Marketing and Business Advisory. To get started working with Rick and/or his team, book a free call. You can do so here.... 

pdf bank statements
money thumb converter for quickbooks
excel spreadsheet qbo
quickbooks online intuit

Provide a scanned or digital copy of your bank statments - we'll show you how to dowwnload online

We will extract the information using this award winning software

We will save in an excel format and quickly clean-up the data to import into Quickbooks Online. Including all vendors and chart of accounts

We will then take the cleaned up data and import it into Quickbooks Online and provide you with the financial statements.

quickbooks from pdf

How We Work

100% in the cloud

Mobile Apps 

Automate  Processes

1 on 1 

Time Saving Advice

Team Of Specialists

Fixed Pricing Or Hourly

Online Or In Person

Fixed monthly bookkeeping for your business

Starting From

$75 + 

Per Month

  • No Employees

  • 1 Bank/Credit accounts

  • Bank Statement Fetching

  • Full Financials

  • Free Setup Of Quickbooks Online

Business Growth

$200 +

Per Month

  • 4 Employees

  • 2 Bank/Credit accounts

  • Bank Statement Fetching

  • Full Financials

  • Free Setup Of Quickbooks Online

Scaling Fast



  • More than 4 Employees

  • 3 Bank/Credit accounts

  • Bank Statement Fetching

  • Full Financials

  • Free Setup Of Quickbooks Online

Best Suited for 20 Monthly Bank Transactions

Best Suited for up to 80 Monthly Bank Transactions

Businesses with over 80 Manthly Bank Transactions

All Plans Include:

  • Expense Reports

  • Accounts Payable

  • Payroll 

  • Financial Statements

  • Quickbooks Online Accountants Pricing - 50% Off Retail Price for life

  • Automated Bank Feeds 

  • Sales and Payroll Tax Filing

  • Help Desk

Common Questions

What is a Transaction?

We estimate your monthy fee based on trasnsaction volume from your bank statements. 

Are there custom packages available?

Of course, we can work with you to design a package and workflow that meets your requirements. The above is just a template that some businesses use. You may wish to retain certain functions and /or include additional tasks. If you fill out our custom pricing quoted form, we can better determine your monthly cost.

My business activity fluctuates greatly. Are there hourly rates available?

Yes. We can do hourly engagements as well. Please contact us for more information.

Fixed Fees vs Hourly

We strongly believe in trying to give you a fixed fee (Aka. "Value-Based Pricing) so you will know what everything will cost up front; where the service we provide is worth more than the value being charged.

For this, there needs to an in depth understanding of the scope of the work that needs to be done, time-frame and level of detail. We can then quote you a flat fee for the entire project and when it will be completed.

Because this can be difficult we will do a complete diagnostic on your current system and may be a charge for such analysis. Normally on very short term projects, that rate is close to what the client pays; but on mid-size or longer projects the effective rates can be as low as $25.00 per hour and above depending on the complexity.


We will use time saving technology to complete the work that few other accountants can match and therefore, we will commit to give you one price based on the desired results 

**Note: Rick Jessup is very fast and effective, specially on high-tech projects so you will be assured superior cost savings on any work performed. I personally will guarantee it. Thank you for your trust.

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