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Quickbooks Online and Interactive Online Bookkeeping & Tax Welcomes You - We love helping businesses save time and make money! 

We help business owners with tax & accounting strategies as well as automation with Quickbooks Integrated Applications that allows you to take advantage of the new "Digital Landscape" to make money, save money and free up time! 

Coaching & Support Services for Businesses

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"Over the years I have seen technology develop and can honestly say it has finally revolutionized how we do business. From digital signature technology to customer relationship management and accounting software programs, the cost and benefits to allow you to make money, save money and save time have never been better.


In the age of 'Digital Disruption', businesses must continually innovate to stay competitive. Meeting customer demand and be able to scale quickly and outperform the competition is essential. Let me show you the way!" Rick J.

When it comes to organizing receipts, its a sore spot for me

Got This:

Get This:

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Just Click It & Forget It!

Say goodbye to storing paperwork and entering data;

Staying on top of your bookkeeping has never been easier

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Why you should use it?

  • We can work with you in real time rather than once a year;

  • You don't need to keep paper invoices / receipts in a shoe box ever again;

  • You are claiming all your expenses; paying less tax (receipts fade over time and become hard to read);

  • You will be fully compliant when you digitize your tax receipts and never have to search for a receipt again!

  • Fully Canada Revenue Agency compliant

  • Know what you are spending and where at any time of the day. Snap it and Forget It!

  • Forward any email invoice your receive with a simple click of a button!

  • Software will even download any PayPal invoice automatically so you never lose a deduction again;


Rick Jessup- Certified ProAdvisor

Thank you for stopping by. I would like to personally welcome you to my site.


My name is Rick Jessup (Rick J for short) and I am a CPA trained accountant, a virtual bookkeeper and online specialist.


I am also a Quickbooks Advanced Pro-advisor, tax specialist, technology enthusiast, entrepreneur and part-time Philosopher. You can learn more about me... 

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Learn What Technology & Automation Can Do...

"Automation takes care of 70% of the grunt work"

Sometimes it can be intimidating or just plain frustrating. However, technology, when used properly and works as it should, is just plain beautiful. The organization and time savings is like a Zen moment. 

I have spent 1000's of hours testing many software programs so you don't have to.


The recommendations on this site work well, are easy to use, and will help to keep your business and life running smoothly.


I will also be posting training videos so you can learn how easy it really is. I use them all personally myself. See what I recommend ...

wave receip capture

A Great Way To Never Lose a Receipt & Organize Fast. I Love This Program!

You can snap a photo of your receipt at time of purchase and save it digitally.


The receipt app will extract the data and save it for you automatically.


Never lose a receipt again! And it is fully tax approved...

When I Work.jpg

"When I Work"- Free Employee Scheduling Software -Up To 75 Employees

Award-winning scheduling and time tracking software

  • Free online scheduler

  • Free mobile apps

  • Free time clock

  • Free customer support



Does it ever seem like you want to know the quickest and easiest way to stay on top of life?  


I want to provide some tips and tricks that have really worked for me that can simplify your business and personal life.

Computer Bookkeeping

Want to lean how to leverage technology and do more with less? Let me show you how. 

Make your business more productive with less people! You'll love the savings...

Computer Automation

Learn how easy and convenient our cloud bookkeeping services are. 

Whether you want to learn how to do it yourself or have us do it for you.

Make your business more productive with less people! You'll love the savings...

behind on your taxes

Want to learn to save money with new tax planning strategies?


We offer friendly tax planning advice and strategies that are guaranteed to save you money!

online payments

Quick and easy way to collect money and pay bills online from the comfort of your home.

Get your payments, customer's invoices, and bills paid in the cloud, from the comfort of your home....

merchant services

Merchant Services - How to choose?




Vs Merchant Account

Learn What Quickbooks Online Can Do For Your Business...


T-Bar Chuck, 2014-05-19

Charly Ion - Panorama Resort

Bringing on 4 locations. This system is 99.2% accurate and does all of my inventory AND ordering in 15 minutes. All of my wells, shelves, and cabinets are organized perfectly.

bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Services

We can mange your "books" online and virtually so you can free up your time to build your business

quickbooks online advanced certified pro advisor

Quickbooks Setup

Learn how we can either teach you or have us manage your business with this award winning software

frustrated with taxes get help

Tax Help

We have a vast amount of tax knowledge from a variety of CPA tax specialists and retired CRA auditors, 

Fixed Fee Pricing vs Hourly

We strongly believe in trying to give you a fixed fee (Aka. "Value-Based Pricing) so you will know what everything will cost up front; where the service we provide is worth more than the value being charged.

For this, there needs to an in depth understanding of the scope of the work that needs to be done, time-frame and level of detail. We can then quote you a flat fee for the entire project and when it will be completed.

Because this can be difficult we will do a complete diagnostic on your current system and may be a charge for such analysis. Normally on very short term projects, that rate is close to what the client pays; but on mid-size or longer projects the effective rates can be as low as $25.00 per hour and above depending on the complexity.


We will use time saving technology to complete the work that few other accountants can match and therefore, we will commit to give you one price based on the desired results 

**Note: Rick Jessup is very fast and effective, specially on high-tech projects so you will be assured superior cost savings on any work performed. I personally will guarantee it. Thank you for your trust.

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